Junichi Miyazaki

​Freelancer based in Nagano and Tokyo, Japan.

​I won the second prize of the 2018 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for Best Photography.



My favorite subjects to photograph are Food, Nature, and Lifestyle. I like to work for recipe books​. And I traveled through Japan and visited over 500 food producers in 47 prefectures to collect photographs for my work.




Lonely Planet's From the Source (Japan)

GODIVA Christmas Collection

HARVEST Niseko | Tess Stomski with Chisato Amagai

(The second prize of the 2018 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for Best Photography)

​JAL skyward

HINO Cares


​Tokyo American Club

​Gallery Flobaris

Local (Japan)

Wine ga Oishii French Gohan |  Nami Iijima, Asuka Sugiyama recipe book

​meiji THE Chocolate - official site

​Jiichiro seasonal baumkuchen - publicity poster, leaflet

(The second prize of the NAGANO ADC - related works | AD&D : Nobuyuki Ota)

1pon manzoku bar | Asahi Group Foods - official site

Cream Genmai Bran | Asahi Group Foods - official site

ELLE cafe - signature menu

Hunt The Marunouchi - Autumn campaign

GODIVA chocolixir, mousse meringue

Shinjyuku TAKASHIMAYA - RestaurantPark campaign

MEIJIZA - Osechi, Kaiseki Bento Box

Oisix - Osechi

MAFF - Japanese (washoku) school lunch promotion

Nakahora Farm - milk products catalog

MONTEUR SoupSweets

MITUBISHI ESTATE - shokuikumarunouchi pamphlet

Hotel FUFU Yamanashi - renewal

CARE FOOD | AKAIWA cooking team - recipe book

THERMOS - recipe leaflet

KAKUTO - newspaper ad

(The Shin-mai Advertising Award - related works | AD : Takashi Anzai, D : Kozo Kinoshita)

GOTO'S OYSTER - earthquake reconstruction support

Tokyo Local Restaurant -sachi- project

Kanaukan - hotel web site

Chinzansou - advertisement on magazine

Brutus / Winart / Metro min. / The Cuisine Press / Shibatashoten

and more magazines

I'll introduce a good stylist to you for our shooting, if necessary.

​Please feel free to contact me.

© copyright by photographer Junichi Miyazaki

料理と自然 写真撮影 フードフォトグラファー宮崎純一